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IRS System Upgrade

Date added : 31/01/2014

The InterDev Reconciliation Service has recently undergone a major upgrade. The upgrade forms part of a drive to introduce efficiency improvements to our processes that will enhance the service substantially, and provide even more value than ever!

The most exciting of these enhancements is that IRS will now be able to turnaround partner’s data within 4 working hours! This means that after receiving and validating both sets of data from partners, IRS output will be available for download just 4 hours later! In most cases therefore, output should now be available the same business day, assuming files are supplied early enough in the day. This means that daily or weekly reconciliations now become feasible, and we therefore encourage partners to speak to us should this be something you would like to pursue.

Other highlights of the IRS upgrade include:
• Improved user-interface, with ‘quick links’ to get to the more commonly referenced sections of the portal faster
• Improved searching performance when querying data on the search page, which still retains a complete history of all transactions processed by us
• Improved graphs that render faster, and display valuable statistics

Oryx Energies SA sign up for Oilstar

Date added : 26/06/2013

Oryx Energies SA, an established player in the LPG business in South Africa has signed up to use Oilstar, InterDev's Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) Cloud Based Stock Management solution developed in partnership with Modal.

Oryx Energies in South Africa currently uses the storage facilities of the Mozambique National Oil Company (Petromoc) in Beira and Maputo for its transit business towards other Southern African countries. The signing of a long term storage agreement with Petromoc in 2010 confirmed this partnership and strengthened the value chain of product sourcing (by their trading arm), storage and distribution. This has paved the way for multiple opportunities in the region as they look to broaden their presence and product offering. They have recently procured the LPG business from BPSA, and have agreed to use EDI as the B2B eCommerce solution used by the SA Oil Industry partners to transact with BP. This will be further expanded to other EDI trading partners as they grow their business.

We welcome them into the OILSTAR, family and wish them every success in their ventures. The OILSTAR EDI solution is tailor-made for the SA Oil Industry and enables a fast implementation with any trading partner.

InterDev appointed as a 3CX Reseller

Date added : 19/07/2012

InterDev Systems has recently been apponted a reseller of the highly acclaimed IP PBX system that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX / PABX. 3CX’s IP PBX has been developed specifically for Microsoft Windows and is based on the SIP standard, making it easier to manage and allowing you to use any SIP phone (software or hardware).

A software-based IP PBX / PABX offers many benefits:

• Easier to install & manage via web-based configuration interface
• Far less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based PBX / PABX
• Improve productivity with presence, desktop based call control and extension management
• No need for separate phone wiring – phones use computer network, easy hot desking!
• Delivery mobility by allowing employees to work from home using a remote extension
• Choose between popular IP hardware phones or softphones - no vendor lock in
• Receive & make calls via the standard PSTN using VoIP Gateways or cards
• Save on monthly call costs using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or the Skype gateway!

Klick2Contact comes to South Africa!

Date added : 24/05/2012

InterDev Systems has been appointed as an official reseller of Klick2Contact's suite of live help services. This suite helps you increase your online sales, decrease your basket abandonment and communicate better with your customers and potential customers through real time chat, call back and collaboration. All introduced and set up FREE and with minimal intrusion into your IT/Web environment. [More...]

Modal & InterDev offer EDI to Oil Industry

Date added : 08/12/2011

Modal, a specialist oil industry consultancy, has teamed up with InterDev Systems to offer a cloud based EDI solution for companies wishing to transact with the major oil companies in SA. The system will allow smaller companies to communicate with them using EDI, without requiring any infrastructure or specialised software, other than an internet connection! Gas 2 Liquids, a wholesaler in the oil industry, is the first client to adopt the solution and is already reaping the rewards of the cloud based technology. Several other clients are already in discussions with Modal, with a view to utilising the system.

Unitrans set to join IRS ranks

Date added : 28/11/2011

Freight and Logistics giant Unitrans, is all set to become the next logistics company to utilise the the InterDev Reconcliation Service (IRS). The service will be used in conjunction with Chevron to manage the companies haulier transactions and to provide an effective way of reonciling the billing process between them. It will also allow both parties to focus on the transactioins with issues, without having to spend a great deal of time identifying transactions they already agree on.

IRS enters Haulier space!

Date added : 07/07/2011

Chevron and one of its largest Hauliers, Reef Tankers, have agreed to use the InterDev Reconciliation Service (IRS) to assist in the reconciliation of all delivery transactions between the parties. IRS's powerful features have enabled both parties to effectively manage their data and they have derived tremendous value from the various reports being made available to them via the IRS web portal. merges with IRS

Date added : 17/08/2010 has decided to combine forces with InterDev Systems! Their online portal has now been merged into the InterDev Reconciliation Portal (IRS), which was recently made available to members of the oil industry in SA. Existing clients have been migrated to IRS and are already enjoying the benefits of this enhanced platform.

InterDev launches IRS!

Date added : 10/05/2010

InterDev Systems has recently launched IRS, the InterDev Reconciliation Service web platform, and has made the online platform available to the members of the Oil Industry in SA. This new platform provides clients with the ability to view their file status, statistics, performance graphs and use the system's powerful search facility. This exciting new development is yet another way InterDev is ensuring it continues to provide value to its clients.

Block Facebook & increase productivity

Date added : 04/02/2010

Are you having issues with staff surfing websites like Facebook, and using up your expensive bandwidth? The result is a loss of productivity and money! InterDev System's new appliance called the Sentinel, offers the ability to simplify and consolidate the management of your Internet Connection. It enables us to enforce network usage policies and monitor user behaviour. It will protect your network from malware on the web, block time-wasting sites like MySpace, Facebook etc. and conserve bandwidth by blocking audio/video downloads. [More...]

FoodWorks FREE Trial available for download!

Date added : 21/08/2009

FoodWorks, InterDev System's popular Food Manufacturing and Costing Software, can now be downloaded as a FREE trial version for a period of 30 days directly from our website. [More...]

Data Reconciliation Issues?

Date added : 22/07/2009

Is your company faced with data reconciliation issues? We are seeing an increasing demand for our data reconciliation bureau service, and are currently in negotiations with various large corporates to assist with their data reconciliation needs. Many companies are faced with the challenge of having to identify discrepancies between various systems within their organisations, or with their trading partners. This reconciliation process often involves thousands of transactions, can be extremely time consuming, and is a labour intensive task if performed manually.


General IT News

Don't speak the same language? That's no problem

Date added : 15/01/2016

By Devin Kate Pope
As of Wednesday, the Skype Translator tool is built directly into Skype for Windows. So now when you want to talk with someone who speaks another language, there's no need for a separate app to translate the conversation .[ More... ]

Office 2016 for Windows to arrive September 22

Date added : 11/09/2015

By Shawn Knight
Microsoft released its first preview build of Office 2016 to developers and IT professionals this past March. Two months later, the Redmond-based company invited all Windows users to try out its second preview build. Now, the popular productivity suite is ready for a proper launch. Julia White, general manager of Office 365 Technical Product Management, revealed earlier today that Office 2016 will be broadly available starting September 22. Those with volume licensing will be able to download the suite from the Volume Licensing Service Center starting October 1. [ More... ]

Windows 10 Using P2P technology for updates

Date added : 16/03/2015

By Tim Schiesser
Microsoft is planning to revamp their update delivery method in Windows 10 by implementing peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Traditionally Windows updates have been delivered through Microsoft's servers only, but by switching to P2P, the load on their servers can be decreased while simultaneously increasing download speeds. [ More... ]

MS Office 2016 for desktops set to arrive this year

Date added : 23/01/2015

Shawn Knight
Whereas yesterday belonged to Windows 10, today is all about Office. Microsoft on Thursday revealed that the next iteration of its productivity suite for the desktop will be called Office 2016 and that it’ll remain the comprehensive experience that people are already familiar with. The admission came buried inside a post about the new Office universal apps for Windows 10 that Microsoft touched on during yesterday’s event. Not wanting to let too much out of the bag just yet, the post only revealed that Office 2016 will be best suited for a PC with a keyboard and mouse and that they have compelling new experiences coming as part of the new suite. The Redmond-based company said they’d have more on the subject in the coming months and that we can expect to see Office 2016 made available in the second half of this year. [ More... ]

Project Spartan: new Microsoft web browser

Date added : 23/01/2015

Staff Writer ,
Microsoft has officially unveiled “Project Spartan”, a web browser that was rumoured to be in development to replace Internet Explorer. “We think it’s the right time to build a new browser for the modern web,” Joe Belfiore, corporate vice president for the Operating Systems group at Microsoft told journalists at the company’s Redmond headquarters on 21 January 2015. [ More... ]

Windows 10 upgrade will be free for a year

Date added : 23/01/2015

Staff Writer ,
Microsoft will offer free upgrades to Windows 10 for the first year after the operating system launches, Microsoft’s executive vice president of Operating Systems Terry Myerson said on 21 January 2015. Addressing journalists at a press event held at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington, Myerson said the free upgrade will be available to Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 users. [ More... ]

Microsoft Office free for iPad, Android tablets

Date added : 07/11/2014

Post by SAPA-AFP ,
Microsoft announced Thursday it was making its Office software suite available for free to users of rival mobile operating systems from Apple and Google.
Users of Apple iPads and other devices and those with Android tablets will be able to use the apps to store documents without a subscription, Microsoft said.
The software includes the popular document software Word as well as the Excel spreadsheet program. Microsoft earlier this year released the Office app for iPad, but users needed to pay an annual license fee for cloud-based Office 365. [ More... ]

Windows 10 announced

Date added : 01/10/2014

Staff Writer ,
Microsoft has announced that the next version of its operating system (OS) will be called Windows 10. There was no live stream of the announcement, but publications such as The Verge ran live blogs from the event. Speaking in San Francisco, California in the US, Windows head Terry Myerson told journalists and bloggers that the new OS would run on all the platforms currently supported by Microsoft. [ More... ]

WordPress 4.0 now available

Date added : 05/09/2014

By Shawn Knight
Version 4.0 of blogging platform turned bona fide content management service (CMS) WordPress is now available. The update includes a number of new features designed to bring users a “smoother writing and management experience” according to a blog post on the matter. Despite being version 4.0, the update – named “Benny” in honor of jazz clarinetist and bandleader Benny Goodman – is just the next release after version 3.9 according to Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg.[ More... ]

Seagate becomes first to ship massive 8TB hard drive

Date added : 27/08/2014

By Shawn Knight
Months after announcing the world's fastest 6TB hard drive, Seagate on Tuesday became the first in the world to ship an 8TB hard drive. In a press release on the matter, Seagate vice president of marketing, Scott Horn, pointed out that as our world becomes more mobile, the number of devices we use to create and consume data is driving an explosive growth in unstructured data. This places increased pressure on cloud builders to look for innovative ways to build cost-effective, high capacity storage for both private and cloud-based data centers, he added. The new 8TB solution aims to do just that with its massive amount of capacity stuffed inside a standard 3.5-inch drive. [ More... ]

Telkom ADSL fair usage policy warning

Date added : 18/08/2014

Staff Writer ,
Telkom announced in a press statement on Monday, 18 August 2014 that its Internet Service Provider (ISP) will enforce its Fair Usage Policy (FUP) “in the spirit of enhancing the Internet experience of all its users.” The announcement follows reports from subscribers who said they received warnings from Telkom about “excessive concurrent internet sessions or bandwidth-intensive protocols” which may result in throttling and bandwidth shaping. [ More... ]

Microsoft's Aug Windows update pulled following "BSOD"

Date added : 18/08/2014

By Himanshu Arora
Just a few days after Microsoft rolled out its latest Windows update, the company has pulled it, and is recommending users to uninstall it. The move comes after there were reports that the update caused the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to pop up. [ More... ]

Cpanel Heartbleed Vulnerability Information

Date added : 11/04/2014

Heartbleed is a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f. This vulnerability allows an attacker to read 64 kilobyte chunks of memory from from servers and clients that connect using SSL through a flaw in the OpenSSL’s implementation of the heartbeat extension. [ More... ]

Win 8.1 Update 1 launches April 8, Start Menu returns

Date added : 03/04/2014

By Tim Schiesser
At Microsoft's Build 2014 developer conference in San Francisco, the company announced that the next update to Windows will launch on April 8. Windows 8.1 Update 1 is largely geared towards mouse and keyboard users through a range of tweaks and improvements, and from April 8 - Microsoft's usual Patch Tuesday for the month - you'll be able to download it through Windows Update. [ More... ]

Microsoft announces Office for iPad

Date added : 28/03/2014

By Shawn Knight
Microsoft on Thursday revealed Office for iPad during a press briefing in San Francisco as part of their goal of empowering people to be productive across all devices. The product has reportedly been years in the making but according to Microsoft, there’s good reason for that. This is an all-new version of Office built specifically for the iPad, not a ported version for Windows or a 2x zoom of the iPhone version. [ More... ]

Lenovo snags IBM's low-end server business

Date added : 24/01/2014

By Jose Vilches
Lenovo has reached a long-awaited deal to buy IBM’s low-end server business after months of back and forth negotiations. According to a press release issued by the Chinese company this morning, the purchase price is approximately $2.3 billion, with $2.07 billion paid in cash and the rest in shares to be issued to IBM. The move will see Lenovo taking control of IBM’s x86 server business comprising System x, BladeCenter and Flex System blade servers and switches, as well as x86-based Flex integrated systems, NeXtScale and iDataPlex servers and associated software, blade networking and maintenance operations. [ More... ]

New USB connector, set to be smaller and reversible

Date added : 05/12/2013

By Tim Schiesser
For the first time in 17 years, the USB connector we've all come to know and love is set to change with a new plug type proposed by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. The Type-C connector will break compatibility with all past USB devices, unless an adapter is used, but it will provide a number of advantages over the existing cable. [ More... ]

Serious exploit in Microsoft Office, patch rushed out

Date added : 06/11/2013

Microsoft Corp released an emergency software fix on Tuesday after it learned that hackers had exploited a previously undiscovered security flaw in its widely used Office software to infect the PCs of its customers with tainted Word documents. The software maker said on its website that it had released the software, known as a “Fix It,” as a temporary measure until it provides an update that will automatically patch computers to protect against the new threat. [ More... ]

MWEB to offer own mobile data products

Date added : 30/10/2013

Staff Writer ,
MWEB has announced the signing of an Access Point Name (APN) agreement with Cell C which will enable the ISP to offer its own customised mobile data packages to its customers as of 29 October 2013. “We are continuing to see positive growth within the mobile data market verses fixed-line market growth over the last few years and have been reselling 3G services for a while now,” said MWEB ISP CEO Derek Hershaw. [ More... ]

BBM for Android, iPhone arrives

Date added : 22/10/2013

Staff Writer ,
BlackBerry announced that it is resuming the rollout of BBM for Android and iPhone customers around the globe. BlackBerry said that people around the world will start seeing BBM in Google Play, the App Store and in select Samsung App Stores – where it will be free to download. BBM for Android will arrive in the Samsung App store first for local users. “Samsung customers in Sub-Sahara Africa can download BBM today from the Samsung App store,” BlackBerry said. [ More... ]

Facebook app finally arrives for Windows 8.1

Date added : 17/10/2013

By Tim Schiesser
It certainly has taken its time to appear, but the official Facebook app for Windows has finally appeared in the Windows Store. Available for Windows 8.1, Microsoft's refreshed operating system that launched a few hours ago, anyone currently running the OS can hop into the Store to download it for free. People have been hanging out for a Modern UI Facebook app ever since the launch of Windows 8 last year, with third party applications filling the gaps while an official app was unavailable. The newly available Facebook app for Windows 8.1 works as you'd expect for an app of this type, allowing you to browse your News Feed, message others, share through Charms, access notifications and more. [ More... ]

Windows 8.1 now available through Windows Store

Date added : 17/10/2013

By Tim Schiesser
The clock has just ticked over 4am in Redmond, Washington, and that means Microsoft has begun the rollout of Windows 8.1 around the globe. The update is free to download for all Windows 8 users, so head in to the Windows Store app to find out how to upgrade. For those who haven't yet upgraded to Windows 8, starting on October 18th you'll be able to pick up a full copy of Windows 8.1 from your favorite retailer. New hardware packing Windows 8.1 will also be available starting October 18th, in case you'd like new hardware to go with your software upgrade. [ More... ]

Symantec grapples with one of the largest botnets

Date added : 02/10/2013

By Shawn Knight
Symantec is going toe to toe with ZeroAccess, one of the largest known botnets in existence today. On any given day, ZeroAccess has upwards of 1.9 million computers at its disposal... or at least, it did. The team has been working on a method called a sinkhole to take down the botnet since March but a report published by security researchers in May discussing the weakness likely prompted the ZeroAccess botmaster to upgrade the botnet to prevent the sinkhole. [ More... ]

Memory price shocker for South Africa

Date added : 20/09/2013

Staff Writer ,
A fire which caused massive damage at the SK Hynix’s Wuxi DRAM factory in China a few weeks ago, combined with the weak Rand and a new tax, are pushing memory prices much higher in South Africa. [ More... ]

SolidRun unveils new mini PCs

Date added : 11/09/2013

By David Tom
Miniature PCs are apparently all the rage these days. With the success of comparable projects such as Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone, these 2-inch cube computers are another inexpensive alternative, starting at just $44.95 for the rudimentary CuBox-i1. Armed with a 1GHz single-core ARM processor, this device includes 512MB of DDR3 memory, a GC880 GPU, and an HDMI 1.4 output, among other features and components. According to TechnoBuffalo, SolidRun, the company behind the product, is no stranger to the tiny PC industry. They previously released the original CuBox in 2011, but have admittedly done little since. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the revamped CuBox-i line is that it can install both Android and Linux, as well as Python, Perl, compilers, IDEs and media players. Not to mention the fact that by purchasing a microSD card with the system, you receive Google’s Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean pre-installed into the unit. [ More... ]

BBM user guides for Android and iOS arrive online

Date added : 23/08/2013

By Shawn Knight
BlackBerry Messenger apps for Android and iOS have been in the pipeline for some time and now it appears we are one step closer to the eventual launch. User guides for both platforms hit the web today which will, at the very least, give eager BBM users a head start on the release. [ More... ]

Slow ADSL – your router could be hacked

Date added : 22/08/2013

Jan Vermeulen ,
Routers with weak default security settings may not only cause connectivity problems for ADSL subscribers, but may have also been used to aid in DNS amplification attacks on certain websites. Telkom recently issued a press statement in which it said that some customers using the D-Link router it supplies to ADSL subscribers are having connectivity issues. [ More... ]

MS yields: boot to desktop, Start menu options in Win 8.1

Date added : 17/04/2013

By Jose
Microsoft may be ready to address two of the most common complaints about Windows 8 with its upcoming “Blue” update. Specifically, The Verge cites sources familiar with the company’s plans who claim builds of Windows 8.1 are being tested with an option to skip the “Metro” start screen and boot directly to the traditional desktop. A separate report from ZDNet seconds this and also suggests that the Start menu might make a comeback. Signs of a boot-to-desktop option were spotted a few days ago in a leaked build of Windows Blue. Apparently the option is disabled by default and there’s currently no toggle to enable it in the operating system’s settings panel. But the code is there. It’s possible Microsoft still hasn't decided on whether to implement this in the final Blue release, though ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley says her sources have confirmed “this is now looking like the plan.” [ More... ]

MS reverses one-PC Office 2013 licensing restriction

Date added : 07/03/2013

By Jose Vilches
Following a wave of criticism over the licensing terms for the retail version of Office 2013, which essentially tied your version of the software to a single computer for ever, Microsoft has amended the agreement with a transferability provision to allow users to move the productivity suite to another computer up to once every 90 days. The change is effective immediately and covers Office Home and Student 2013, Office Home and Business 2013, Office Professional 2013, and all of the standalone Office 2013 applications. [ More... ]